Hi Sascha,

Thanks for your answer, I now understand better why locking is not made 
at a lower level. And you are right, I don't have a proposal for general 
locking, I don't know php nor C nor Apache enough.

However, I really think it would be better to document this somewhere. 
If it is a technical choice for performance reasons, it should be said 
so. It may also be precised which session handlers are race safe, and 
which are not. Even more, documentation should avoid suggesting sessions 
are locked if is only the case for file based sessions.

I would really accept a reasonable performance tradeof to have low level 
locking of sessions, because in some cases that's what I would prefer 
(may people use MySQL - which doesn't offer row level locking - as a 
backend).  What about something optionnal which would make a general 
locking optionnal, perhaps enabled by default except for handlers 
declaring that they will handle locking themselves, I don't know...

Currently my choice is whether to rely on file based sessions - which 
are slow and not distributed - or to adapt my MySQL session handler, but 
this won't be clean since without row level locking, I'll have a race 
anyway, and  deadlocks if I'm not careful, (and worse performances, but 
well, that's okay, you have to pay somewhere to have good reliability).

I have to admit I'm very surprised this doesn't qualify a bug : this 
race condition can really be a problem in some applications : in one of 
my tests, I even saw two completed requests happen before an opened 
session be saved :

request A starts
session opens
exit()   ...      request B starts
                   session open
                   session saved

                   request C starts
                   session open
                   session saved

session saved

(of course for the same session identifier)

The delay between request A exit() and the corresponding session save 
was about 2.5 seconds.

I'm really sorry I don't have the competencies (nor time) to help on low 
level stuff for this problem. I would really be happy to help, and I 
feel a bit sad to criticize while I'm not able to commit code. Still, I 
believe users expectations are expressed somewhere.


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