Thanks a lot for the immediate response. I will follow your


PH>ID: 12281
PH>Updated by: zak
PH>Old Summary: base 64 _encode
PH>Status: Open
PH>Bug Type: Any
PH>Operating System: windows NT
PH>PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
PH>New Comment:

PH>I can't reproduce the problem base64_encode() under Win2k / PHP 4.0.6

PH>Does the following script fail?
PH><?php echo base64_encode ('foo'); ?>

PH>Regarding the MSSQL problems, have you enabled the MSSQL extension? If not,

PH>Previous Comments:

PH>[2001-07-20 09:10:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

PH>The function base64_encode is not detected by the application. Should I upgr
PH>not identified by php. Should I reinstall the latest version
PH>again or please guide to upgrade the existing version to
PH>enable these functions.


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