> In the implementation of setcookie(), there's a FIXME line reading:
> /* FIXME: XXX: this is not binary data safe */
> I don't see how this can be binary safe, as we're creating a header line,
> which cannot contain NULLs anyway.  I think this comment should be removed,
> but I want to see if anybody else has any thoughts about this...

Yes, I wondered about that too.

And just for kicks I looked up who wrote that comment:

Mon Mar 16 06:41:11 1998 UTC (40 months ago) by jaakko

That's a long time for a FIXME comment to survive!  ;)


And as you can see, the comment actual made sense in that context, however
the code it was commenting on has been removed without the comment being
removed.  He was referring to the strlen(cookie->value) call there.


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