ID: 1289
Updated by: joey
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Misbehaving function
Operating System: linux--Redhat 5.2
PHP Version: 3.0.7
New Comment:

It's called "virtual hosting", and we really should
fix this if it is an acutal bug.

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-22 16:57:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

why would you want to put a bogus hostname in your
ServerName directive?


[1999-04-05 01:35:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

When ServerName in httpd.conf is set differently then the actual host's name, the 
return values of anything called with system, exec, and passthru (except for running 
the "/bin/date") is always -1.  For instance, we have a machine named, 
but in apache we set the ServerName to  Suddenly doing something like 
 system("echo blah",$errno); print $errno; prints -1 instead of 0.  This is completely 
unrelated to safe mode, btw. (which was our first suspect)


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