ID: 12058
Updated by: joey
Old Status: 
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Class/Object related
Operating System: linux
PHP Version: 4.0.5
New Comment:

Infinite loops crash PHP.

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-11 13:18:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Serialize died because there was an object used that had a reference pointing to 
another reference. (Like in a two way linked list) This created an infinite loop when 
trying to resolve the reference during serialization. (Does serialize work 
recursively?) It was my fault for not using __sleep to fix this beforehand. However, 
PHP should not die like it did. It did not throw an error or anything. It just hit the 
infinite loop and then did not respond. Is it possible to check for a recursive 
reference error before running serialize on the object?


[2001-07-11 12:29:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

$timesheet = new timesheet(); //Very large object with no references
//serialize causes everything to break. No error messages. The page is no longer found 
by the web server. Leaving out serialize causes no bug.


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