Please, don't close feature requests that are not implemented
w/o first checking that it was decided they should/could NOT 
be implemented.

At 18:32 7/22/2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote the following:
>ID: 1504
>Updated by: andy
>Old Status: Open
>Status: Closed
>Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
>Operating System: Linux
>PHP Version: 4.0
>New Comment:
>It seems like this bug needs to be closed.
>Previous Comments:
>[2001-02-10 13:22:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>refiling against 4.0 (perhaps it could be addressed in sapi layer since 
>header('status: 404 not found') may not work with all web servers).
>[1999-06-07 21:09:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>When having a line like this "ErrorDocument 404 /404.php3", in your apache 
>httpd.conf, the first line of the HTTP respone would be something like "HTTP/1.1 404 
>Object Not Found". It would be nice to be able to change this to fx. "HTTP/1.1 200 
>Right now php only makes it possible to add new lines after the first line of the 
>header, and doing a header("status: 200 OK"); will not work on all clients.
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