ID: 11649
Updated by: kalowsky
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Program Execution
Operating System: Win98
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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did this work with derick's suggestion?

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-25 05:35:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Try it with the full path to the executable, like this:
exec ("c:\windows\playmp3.exe test.mp3");


[2001-06-25 03:56:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

According to the ChangeLog, the inablity to fork issue in the exec family has been 
fixed on Win32 in 4.0.6.  Unfortunately, this is not so.  Calling system(), exec(), or 
passthru() produces the following error msg:

Warning: Unable to fork [test.mp3] in exec.php at line 3

Calling escapeshellcmd() or escapeshellarg() does not give an error or warning 
message, but also does not execute the command.  The above mentions problems occur 
when the functions are called when running PHP as an Apache module, or by executing 
the script from command line.  Below is a description of my setup, please let me know 
if additional information is needed.

OS: Win98 - SE
Processor: AMD K6-2/350
RAM: 192 megs
Apache version: 1.3.20 (run as service)
PHP: 4.0.6 and 4.0.5 (with Zend Optimizer)
Enabled PHP extensions: php_bz2.dll, php_gd.dll, php_imap.dll, php_zlib.dll
Output Buffering: On
PHP-GTK: version 0.0.4


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