ID: 11620
Updated by: jmoore
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating System: W2K Server
PHP Version: 4.0.5
New Comment:

No feedback, probably a threadsafe issue but lots of other similar reports that have 
more information.

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-26 04:57:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please include shortest possible script which can be used
to reproduce this.


[2001-06-26 04:56:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

User feedback (next time, use the web interface to answer):
>Yes, I installed 4.0.6 this AM and it's still happening.
>PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 013124B6
>Error log entry
>The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the
>ISAPI Application '
>php4ts!zend_hash_copy + 0x1B
>  + 0xA05E5983
>php4isapi - 20,480 bytes  6/22/01 2:58:32 PM


[2001-06-23 07:37:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Does this happen with PHP 4.0.6 ?


[2001-06-22 14:45:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The binary distribution of PHP 4.0.5 for win32

Base install

IIS 5.0
Win2k Server SP2 + all security hot fixes for IIS as of 6/20/01

Restart Server, php script runs fine. After a period of time
(machine is being used to build new site, so php not used much yet) an attemp to use a 
php script hangs and never returns.

The event viewer says
  php4ts!zend_hash_copy + 0x1b
  + 0xA05E5983

if web server is restarted, get 

  PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 012D24B6

displayed to the browser


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