ID: 11829
Updated by: jmoore
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating System: win2000professional
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
New Comment:

Looks like a Mem Access violation, probably from some thread safe issue, this also 
doesnt seem IIS related as you mention the console, Please remove all extensions from 
your php.ini and see if the memory access violations continue if they stop then add 
the extensions gradually and tell us which one causes the mem access violation to 
occur as it probably isnt thread safe although this shouldnt effect the console. 
Anyway there isnt enough information here if you can reproduce it reliably please 
reopen this bug report including how you reproduce it with a short script.

- James

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-02 02:59:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Is it possible that you can shorten down your script to the point where the problem 
still occurs, or provide the script in this bug report?



[2001-07-02 02:31:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've writed a scheduling program with C to execute php application all day in the 
console mode.Sometimes will happen the following error message:
   The instruction at "0x78003abf" referenced memory at "0x0111a000".The memory could 
not be "read".

This situation would not crash my C program.I only have to do is close the error 
message.But it will happen again after 3 or 4 hours.
Do you have any idea about this situation?



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