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>In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Hellekin O. 
> >As the Apache conference in Dublin is cancelled, I wanted to know if there
> >is an alternative for meeting...
> >
> >Are there some PHPers going to to the Netherlands on August 10-12 ? =8)
> >
> >
>I know that some will attend. Be aware of all kinds of cops that will check
>if you are trying to do something illegal.

*** We're talking about a PHP meating (with an "a" ;-) which would be held 
during HAL2001, not talking about doing something illegal and I don't think 
most hackers would appreciate the amalgam with crackers =8)

Anyway, this would be the perfect place to talk about PHP security. I've 
heard rumors regarding possible buffer overflows in PHP but I didn't see 
anything published.
If such BOs exist, HAL may be a really good place to learn about it.

I received about 5 mails from different people who will attend. I'll 
continue centralizing information about this event, so please feel free to 
contact me off-list if you attend HAL2001 and wish to participate in some 
PHP-centered discussions. All suggestions are welcome of course =8)


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