I'm definitely in favour of that, and some of the other suggestions that 
were raised.  We won't be able to make all steps at once, but whomever can 
contribute is obviously quite welcome to do so.


At 04:15 27/07/2001, Björn Schotte wrote:
>* Zeev Suraski wrote:
> > equivalent to shipping cars without brakes.  You hope that the user would
> > be bright enough to install brakes,
>Hoping that is not enough. If you really change the
>behaviour to ship PHP with register_globals to off,
>then I suggest you should also ship some README_Security
>or something similar where Kris writes a nice tutorial
>about writing secure PHP applications. (This README_Security
>should also be inserted into the Manual and all places where
>it makes sense) Also, before doing "make install" a
>"less README_Security" should be done by the makefile.
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