At 00:48 29/07/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > I'm against a global function like this, but in favour of the 2nd flavour,
> > where you have to explicitly pass a list of variable names to import.
>Actually, I mostly had something like: import_globals("ES") in mind for
>the import all variety.  Importing all server and environment variables
>when there are no external variables imported should not generate an

If we go down that route it's ok.  I was talking about the 
import_globals("P") example, which in my opinion should not work, and 
import_globals("P", "*") which should work, but generate an E_NOTICE.

>And jumping to 4.1 for only a config file change seems a bit odd.

It looked odd to me as well, but after thinking about it for a while, it 
looks by far the most right thing to do:
- There are no technical drawbacks whatsoever
- It'll make much more noise than a 4.0.x, and make many more people 
realize the difference and do something about it, rather than just upgrade 
and do nothing.
- We finally make use of a x.1 version :)

I think that other than the psychological issue that we're not used to 
bumping the miniversion digit for almost anything, there's no reason not do 
it.  If we end up having a semi-major version before 5.0 (which I doubt, 
considering the way things are going now), we can always release 4.2.


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