For those of you who aren't sure where the heck those space-after-comma and 
the other rules are coming from, that's the K&R coding standard, which is 
the coding standard for the php4 repository.   One other rule that's really 
not followed is [3]:

[3] Be generous with whitespace and braces.  Always prefer:

     if (foo) {



     Keep one empty line between the variable decleration section and
     the statements in a block, as well as between logical statement
     groups in a block.  Maintain at least one empty line between
     two functions, preferably two.

At 20:09 29/07/2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>Please follow the coding standards as they appear in the CODING_STANDARDS 
>with code you commit to the PHP repository.
>Stuff I noticed while going over large portions of code in the last few days:
>   - open-curly-braces should not appear on the same line as a function 
> declaration, but on the following line
>   - commas (e.g. in function calls or declarations, or macro calls) 
> should be followed by a space.  I.e., foo(a, b, c), never foo(a,b,c).
>Going over code which has many different layouts is a real pain.  The code 
>in the php4 repository at least should be consistent.
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