Alex Vincent schrieb:

One thing I've been thinking about recently is a desire for PHP to
provide a function whereby PHP scripts can log incoming variables (such
as $HTTP_POST_VARS) and the PHP scripts which process them.  Such a
function can prove very useful in knowing what a particular user has

Of course, not every PHP script needs logging in this sense.  For
instance, if I grab a file from the server and dispatch it to the client
via PHP, that likely doesn't need logging.  But a PHP script call which
includes dropping a MySQL database is another matter...

I like the idea of autologging for two reasons.  One is to allow me to
easily construct a PHP script for replicating my work elsewhere,
including creating a database holding the same structure but no
information.  (This advances the cause of open-source development, in my
opinion.)  The other is in case someone uses a PHP script on my site
maliciously; not only will I be able to track down who did it, but I
will likely be able to restore more of what they damaged, entirely.

I wrote one possible autologger script.  My friend (who is much more
experienced in PHP than I am) expanded it somewhat.  I'd like to see
what the PHP development team thinks of adding an autologger function to
the PHP library of functions.

Say, logPHPInstance($filename) (which includes a boolean value to
disable the autologger function within the log, in case someone tries to
execute the log file all over again without editing it.)



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