Hi Zeev!
On Sun, 29 Jul 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

> Generally I agree, except I don't think we should go as far as changing the 
> theme of PHP.  Putting form variables into a different space would be the 
> simplest and equally secure way to do the trick.
yes, but a Request class can be enriched with lots of nifty utility functions.
I'm not saying that it must be done in the language (though a Request class
would be nice :), it can be done in PHP too (which I did).

OTOH let me say I noticed two main tendencies here:
    on one hand Rasmus wants the language same easy and appealing it always
    been, so new users can jump in easily and have a fast start

    on the other you, Kristian and others, who want the language focus more on 
    supporting large applications, far more complex programs than a mysql query
    displaying a table with results and such (i.e. 10 liners or such)

We have a team of VB programmers here, and I can say big projects in
Visual Basic suck raw eggs; can lead to suicidal tendencies of the programmers :) 
and that's why every time PHP start going in that direction I start looking
arround scared (maybe Python will save me? Java? neah, I'll stay a bit longer
with good ol' pal)

The `security issue' thread just uncovered this divergence in the view of
the language; I guess there should be a balance there, and most of the support
for large apps go in PEAR as well designed components (so far I love Stig :)

So, call me ignorant but besides the plans for the new zend2 I haven't seen
a paper to try to clearely state where is PHP going. Like Larry Wall wrote for
Perl6 (or something). Perl is already icky :) I know.
thanks for your time,
-- teodor

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