At 19:01 7/27/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote the following:
>> That's also not true.  Is using $foo all that better than $_GET["foo"]?
>For a neophyte user - most definitely.

Rasmus, I disagree. As someone who's first programming language 
was PHP, I remember the confusion when looking at code with 
variables coming from nowhere. Denoting the origin of a variable
is simply a huge plus.

>> But it isn't.  It's by fixing an inherent design flaw in PHP.  The proposed
>> target situation is *NOT* any more difficult to the users than the
>> situation is today.
>Of course it is.  $foo is conceptually simpler than $_GET["foo"].  I don't
>see how you can say it isn't.

$foo is conceptually a few keystrokes. That's all simplicity
I can see.

And the eyes of them both were opened and they saw that their files
were world readable and writable, so they chmoded 600 their files.
    - Book of Installation chapt 3 sec 7 

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