On Monday 30 July 2001 11:13, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi Phil!
> Yes Phil, but does your codes rely on warnings messages alone?
No - my code relies on exceedingly thorough and paranoid validation of input, 
carefully constructed program flow, painstaking testing at all stages and no 
doubt thousands of other things my brain does unconsciously due to over 20 
years of programming experience.

I cannot imagine a single error I would make which register_globals=off would 
cure, that setting error reporting to E_ALL would not highlight during 

Some people agree with me, others disgree. As long as you have conrol of your 
php.ini file, it isn't a problem :) - although it will (indeed already does!) 
tend to discourage me, and probably others, from releasing any of my code for 
public consumption.

Phil Driscoll

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