ID: 10166
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: *Graphics related
Operating System: Linux 2.2
PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (04/04/2001)
New Comment:

In latest CVS there I have added an optional parameter
for read_exif_data():

proto read_exif_data(string filename [, int readall])

By setting 'readall' to 0 you can prevent it from
loading all of the file into memory.

Please test this.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-04 13:48:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Some users observed that read_exif_data is too slow with 1MB image files, which is a 
typical size for digital camera output. I looked into the implementation 
(ext/exif/exif.c) and it looks like the whole compressed image data is always read 
into memory, even though read_exif_data should be concerned with just the file header.

Here's a line from function read_exif_data:
        ret = php_read_jpeg_exif(&ImageInfo, (*p_name)->value.str.val,1);

The last parameter (ReadAll=1), causes the whole image data loaded into memory inside 
function scan_JPEG_header:

    if (ReadAll) {
        int cp, ep, size;
        /* Determine how much file is left. */
        cp = ftell(infile);
        fseek(infile, 0, SEEK_END);
        ep = ftell(infile);
        fseek(infile, cp, SEEK_SET);

        size = ep-cp;
        Data = (uchar *)malloc(size);
        if (Data == NULL) {
            php_error(E_ERROR,"could not allocate data for entire image");

        got = fread(Data, 1, size, infile);
        if (got != size) {
            php_error(E_ERROR,"could not read the rest of the image");

        Sections[*SectionsRead].Data = Data;
        Sections[*SectionsRead].Size = size;
        Sections[*SectionsRead].Type = PSEUDO_IMAGE_MARKER;
        *HaveAll = 1;
    return TRUE;

I believe the line above should be changed to feed 0 as value of parameter ReadAll.



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