ID: 11856
Updated by: sterling
Old Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: cURL related
Operating System: i686-pc-linux-gnu
PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (2001-07-03)
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[2001-07-30 17:05:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

fixed in cvs.


[2001-07-03 11:08:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi Sterling Hughes,

the follow code from php doku doesnt work
with the current cvs version:

$ch = curl_init ("";);
$fp = fopen ("php_homepage.txt", "w");

curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_FILE, $fp);
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);

curl_exec ($ch);
curl_close ($ch);
fclose ($fp);

... produce an output like "HTTP/1.1 200 OK"
!without! any print or echo and the file
php_homepage.txt is empty.

I think it's a problem with "CURLOPT_WRITEHEADER",
because if i set this option, the script work fine.

my config: "libcurl 7.8 (OpenSSL 0.9.6a) (ipv6 enabled)"


Steve Alberty


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