The new API no longer requires separate fetch's for the different 
TLS's.  This has two implications:

- Code that requires several TLS's is quicker, since at most, you only call 
one fetch, instead of several (you also pass less info on the stack when 
you send TLS's to functions)
- Since there's only one pointer to move around now, it makes more sense to 
pass it around between the different functions.

There's no notion of inconsistency.  The more places you can pass the 
TSRMLS, the better, as it's faster.  I did lots of work on it, there's 
still lots of work that remains to be done.


At 11:56 30/07/2001, Harald Radi wrote:
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>hi zeev,
>is there a short explanation of this tsrm stuff somewhere ? i'd like to 
>know which kind of functions should take use of the tsrm features. while 
>reviewing your changes to the ext/com module i'm stumbled into a few 
>inconsistencies (as far as i can follow). where on one hand you 
>exaggerated in adding TSRM_* macros you left out very important functions 
>on the other hand.
>maybe i'm wrong and i misunderstood the function of these macros, so a 
>short HOWTO would be essentially.
>- -harald.
>"Zeev Suraski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> > Just FYI - code working with the old-style TSRM should still go on
> > working.  It just wouldn't take advantage of the faster single fetch
> > approach we switched to.
> >
> > We should probably change ext_skel to generate new-style fetches and
> > macros, so that new extensions take advantage of the faster approach.
> >
> > Zeev
> >
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