ID: 12483
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Old Bug Type: *Configuration Issues
Bug Type: PDF related
Operating System: Solaris 2.6
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Your configure option is incorrect for PHP.
It should be like this:


Next time, ask support questions on [EMAIL PROTECTED] as this is not a support 


Previous Comments:

[2001-07-31 08:35:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've installed the PDFLIB 4.01 source in <pdflib-dir>, run ./configure, make and make 

Then, as specified in <pdflib-dir>/bind/php/readme.txt, copied 
<pdflib-dir>/bind/php/ext/pdf/* in <php-dir>/ext/pdf
and build php with ./configure --with-pdflib=/usr/local/lib

I got no errors, but PHP doesn't recognize any PDF functions (Call to undefined 
function:  pdf_new())

I tried to change the --with-pdflib value, (<pdflib-dir>/bind/c) without success.
php -m doesn't say anything about pdf.
What can be wrong, how to know what pdflib php is looking for ?

Thank's in advance


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