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Operating system: All
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Feature/Change Request
Bug description:  fgetcsv - Why not a getcsv (string not file) version?

Feature Request/Design Issue on FGETCSV

getcsv  i..e fgetcsv without the file read would be very useful, fgetcsv as
it is isn't much use.

At least two reasons:

1. Line terminator, depending on Mac, PC, Unix origin the line terminator
could be \r,\n,\r\n.  This is not too hard to cope with via a fgets and an
explode on \r.  But then I can't use fgetcsv to do the parsing since it
insists for some bizarre reason, on doing the file read itself. 

This could be solved by an optional line terminator argument to fgetcsv, as
long as it's a regular expression, but it's all extra complication for all
the default behaviour users.

2. Acquiring the original, unparsed line.  Typically, if a line of an
uploaded csv file fails my own validation I want to just chuck the line
back via a "rejects" download.  This is easy if I have the original line
read in its original format but a pain if I just have the parsed version
and have to put back the comma-separation all over again.  I can't even
guarantee to return the original line since I don't know if the fields were
quoted or not!

Practically this makes fgetcsv useless for me, simply because it does TOO
MUCH i.e. it insists on doing the file read rather than just the parsing!

My preferred solution would have just been to have getcsv accepting a
string,  then fgetcsv would be simply coded as  getcsv(fgets($fp...))

As we've got fgetcsv now, I guess we gotta keep it, but can we also have
getcsv please!

Many thanks,


P.S. On a more general note, I hope we aren't going to start having php
following the Microsoft pseudo-intelligent style of trying to bundle too
much into each function.   We want tools, not someone else's solutions to
what they think our problem is!

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