ID: 12492
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old Summary: odbc_result fails accessing memo fields by number
Status: Open
Bug Type: ODBC related
Operating System: Win NT
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Correction: I have tracked down the source of the problem; still a bug.

Code was actually like this:

for ($i=1; $i<=odbc_num_fields($result); $i++)
  if (odbc_result($result,$i)) {
     $name = odbc_field_name($result,$i);
     $value = odbc_result($result,$i);

The second odbc_result returned false, the first returned the string.  I solved by 
assigning to a variable.

New bug:

for ($i=1; $i<=odbc_num_fields($result); $i++) {
  $test = odbc_result($result,$i);

  if (odbc_field_name($result,$i) == 'Description') {
    echo $test;
    echo odbc_result($result,'Description');
    echo odbc_result($result,$i);

Only the first echo outputs any value.  Any accesses after the first by odbc_result to 
a memo field result in failure.  Good programming practice would dictate not to call 
odbc_result multiple times on the same data, but this behaviour is still unexpected.

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-31 14:39:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If I access a memo field (Access 2000) by name:

  $temp = odbc_result($result,'Description');

I get the expected result, a string value.

If I access the field by number:

  for ($i=1; $i<=odbc_num_fields($result); $i++)
    if (odbc_field_type($result,$i) == 'LONGCHAR')
      $temp = odbc_result($result,$i);

odbc_result fails, returning false.


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