stop a file called from being downloaded with a web server ?

Say you'r web site's name is


Script-kiddy Johny knows that,
but also knows that you'r secret file is called
and it is saved in the root dir. of you'r web site.

in a http browser little Johny
can simply type in";
to download it, since the web server (i am on)
will trigger the clients download box to open,
because its not a wrapped extension, or php, or htm, or so .

I have looked into the .htaccess file and added the directive
IndexIgnore *.*
there'r millions of directives and i am looking at them now,

But please tell me if there IS NOT a directive I can add to the htacces file
to keep "little Johny" from downloading the file.
Because then i might just look the whole day long for nothing !

Thanx a lot for your time


enjoy the day :-)

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