How can I within my PHP_FUNCTION() test if a given parameter was
passed ByReference ? There used to hang around
ParameterPassedByReference() which is gone now.

I know I can tell functions via PHP_FE(foo, {1, BYREF_FORCE) etc.
if they need references but I need to make a parameter optionally
being passed by reference (depending on a value from another
paramter). Is using PZVAL_IS_REF( *arg1) on zval **arg1 the proper
way ?

The other thing .. how can I add -lpthread to libaries when I
build the linux CGI version ? Currently its catched in aclocal.m4
and not added to the library list and I only can overcome this my
issuing LDFLAGS="-lpthread" make; why this ?

kind regards,

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