It's not a big deal and we can commit it (as it's done in the 
'put-expensive-operations-here' part of PHP, the module-init, hint hint :).

However, is it really necessary?


At 05:53 06/08/2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:
>     Hey,
>     The attached patch adds support for passing a variable to
>     INIT_*CLASS_ENTRY in the name field (instead of just passing a
>     constant string).  I've needed this for a function which provides
>     API functionality, registering classes with Zend based on the
>     information passed to it.
>     -Sterling
>     Ps: The Midguard folks needed this feature/ran up against this wall
>     awhile ago as well.  Its the only reason I was able to find the
>     problem without hours of painful debugging ;-)
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