On Mon, 06 Aug 2001, Peter Lowe wrote:
> this:
> would be:
>       Array
>       (
>               [0] => a
>               [1] => b
>               [2] => c
>               [3] => e
>               [4] => d
>               [5] => f
>       )
> with e and d swapped round. any value in $array2 that already had
> a key in $array1 would be put on the end of a "queue" of values to be
> stuck on the end of $array1 when the other values have finished merging.

But that's inconsistent with how string-key collision merging works -
there, an array containing collision elements is created under the
collision key.

> it's a shame there's no space left on the end of the function that you
> could put a constant to specify what behaviour you want.

yes it is.


Nobody tried to design Windows - it just grew in random
directions without any kind of thought behind it.

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