ID: 12609
Updated by: sniper
Old Summary: problema en restart
Old Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Please use english to submit bug reports. 
Also, DO NOT USE 'apachectl restart'!!!

Use this instead:

./apachectl stop ; ./apachectl start


Previous Comments:

[2001-08-06 19:22:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Estoy trabajndo con php 4.0.5 , apache 1.3.20 y mysql 3.22.32.

El problema es que luego de hacer make install,  cuando voy a reiniciar el servidor 
con /sbin/apachectl restart me da el siguiente mensaje de error:

Canīt resolve symbol "open64"
Canīt resolve symbol "__lxstat64"
Canīt resolve symbol "fopen64"

Canīt load /usr/local/apache/libexec/ into server


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