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Bug Type: Variables related
Operating System: Debian potato GNU/Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.5
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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry that the first post was confusing, I'll try explaining my situation more 
I have a site that generates dynamic content. I don't want long, not-user-friendly 
urls of the form "http://../project/read.php?objectid=33255&section=2355";, so I've 
written a custom 404 script that lets me do a 
"http://.../project/sectionname/objectname"; in true Jakob Nielsen spirit.

So far so good, but say I want to append "?lang=en" (or any get variable) to the url? 
If I do, the 404 script doesn't see $HTTP_GET_VARS(it is empty), so I have to look at 
$RQS ($REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING), as per the original note.
This isn't really a problem, I use parse_str() to break up $RQS, and all is well.

So why all the hassle, if all is well? Well, because contrary to what you say, I think 
(but I may ofcoursly be wrong on this, it wouldn't be the first time :) that breaking 
up the query string into HTTP_GET_VARS would be a right thing. If I understand the 
whole 404 process correctly, there will never be a $QUERY_STRING (which normally is 
what ends up in HTTP_GET_VARS and $argv, I presume) in a 404 script, but instead a 
$REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING. If this is correct, using $REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING in the same 
manner as $QUERY_STRING is ok, because both cannot be set at the same time.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-07 08:40:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I don't know if I read this right, because it was a bit confusing,
but I'll take a shot.

$HTTP_GET_VARS parses the query string for the current page...
I can't think of a good example right now, but it could mess things

If you wanted to do something like that try a script like the following...
[not tested]
for ($i=0;$i<count($splitby);$i++){

This should put the REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING into variables,
like if the redirect query string was foo=bar, then your script should
parse it so that $foo="bar";

Does this help?


[2001-08-06 18:57:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The summary field really says it all:
Upon writing a customized 404 script, I stumbled upon the fact that the 
though one would expect it to. 
Is there a reason to this? I tried going through the bug database and the email 
archives, but I didn't seem to find anything similar. My apologies if this still is a 
second bug report, or if there's some perfectly valid explanation given somewhere.

Thanks for a great tool, by the way.


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