ID: 12625
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Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Oracle related
Operating System: win2000
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Dear Sir,

just FYI.

the same setup in "php.ini" 

(version 4.06)-52Mb php_oci8.dll can not be loaded.
(version 4.05)-44Mb php_oci8.dll can be loaded with other version 4.06 files.

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[2001-08-07 12:22:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]



[2001-08-07 12:15:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


I download 4.06 install files yesterday.

I have tried a lot of ways to config php.ini in order to load php_oci8.dll functions.  

but I had "php_oci8.dll" can not be load information.

These are several tests I did 
(1) uncomment other dll (oracle) one
    and it can be loaded  (working)

(2) download the binary code again and re-put the php_oci8.dll into current extensions 
dir  ( not working)

(3) download the Previous version binary code and 
"only" take out (V4.05) php_oci8.dll and put it into current extensions dir ( it's 

so is there any thing wrong with the latest "php_oci8.dll"? 

tks !! 



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