ID: 12612
Updated by: jeroen
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: Windows 2000 Server SP1 5.0.2195
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
Assigned To: jeroen
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[2001-08-07 17:17:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


>From floating point numbers
When converting from float to integer, the number will be rounded towards zero. 

If the float is beyond the boundaries of integer (usually +/- 2.15e+9 = 2^31), the 
result is undefined, since the float hasn't got enough precision to give an exact 
integer result. No warning, not even a notice will be issued in this case! 

(I should have known, I wrote that myself...)
So there this is "feature", AKA documented bug. Feel free to open a feature request to 
get that changed...

In the manual it should be better noted in integers -> big number section that it goes 
for hex too. I'll do that in a minute. 

Status -> Closed (for the abs() bug)


[2001-08-07 17:04:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I wan't really clear on this one: PHP _does not support unsigned ints_

Generally, it support integers from -2147483648 to 2147483647


[2001-08-07 16:54:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

PHP 4 handles number-constants smartly. I.e., when a number is out of range of 
integers, it will be auto-converted to float.

var_dump(0x80000000) -> float(2147483648)

While | requires int-arguments, and because it cannot convert float(2147483648) to 
int, it will take MAX_INT instead.

That abs(MINIMAL_INT) bug, is a bug which I fixed yesterday (coincidence...)

The 0x80000000 | 0; : apparently 

(int) 2147483648.0 => -2147483648
This IS a bug, because it should have been INT_MAX (2147483647)

I'm currently trying to sort that out. By the way, do not put multiple bugs in one 


[2001-08-07 05:10:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

$qq = 0x80000000;
echo $qq;  //2147483648  ok
$qq = 0x80000000 | 0;
echo $qq;  //-2147483648  ???
echo abs($qq);  //-2147483648  ???
echo $qq * -1;  //2147483648  


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