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> From: Marc Boeren 
> Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 5:40 PM
> To: 'Jani Taskinen'
> Subject: RE: [PHP-DEV] build problem: bison.simple:99: parse error
> before 'do' -> \r\n or \n...
> > Works fine for me. Try doing './cvsclean ; ./buildconf'
> > >bison.simple:99: stray '\' in program
> I spent some time on it, and just now traced it down to a 
> simple thing: \r\n against \n
> Four files in the Zend folder ended in \r\n, instead of \n 
> (hence, the line-continuation character \ is not recognized properly)
> I also have this problem every time I checkout TSRM.dsp, but 
> then in reverse...
> My situation is this: 
> 1. I use cygwin on my windows box to connect to cvs
> 2. I use msvs on my windows box to compile 
> 3. I copy my checked-out folder to my linux box to compile
> 1. no problem
> 2. any time I check out TSRM.dsp, I have to convert from \n 
> to \r\n for msvs
> 3. I had to convert zend_language_scanner.c, 
> zend_language_parser.c, zend_ini_parser.c and 
> zend_ini_scanner.c from \r\n to \n
> What might have happened is that I accidentally opened the 
> files from 3 on my win box and saved 'm (and thus 
> automatically converting them to \r\n). 
> Since my cygwin is set up to handle text files as Unix (\n), 
> the only thing that is actually strange is the TSRM.dsp 
> (since the other .dsp's are not a problem).
> Could it be that the other .dsp's are marked as binary in 
> cvs, and only TSRM.dsp is marked as text?
> BTW, this is something that should really be documented 
> somewhere, since the error you actually get is very 
> confusing, and if you open a textfile it is never obvious if 
> it's PC, Mac or Unix mode....
> Or could this simply be designated as a bug in the gcc-compiler?
> Anyway, all is fine now (although I do get an error in 
> ext/standard/html.c about a CODESET that is undeclared, but 
> at least that is a clear message :-)
> Cheerio, Marc.

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