Marius Andreiana <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, ons 2001-08-08; 
> I've solved it by using
> <xsl:include href="file://relative/path/to/xsl"/>

FWIW, this is how I solve this (php 4.0.6, Sablotron 0.60.1):

In my xslt, i have this statement:

<xsl:include href="common.xsl"/>

I use xslt_transform() as it lets me use named buffers and pass
parameters to the xslt parser, thusly:

$sablot_buffers = array("/common.xsl" => "file://absolute/path/to/common_xslt",
                        "/xml_data"   => $an_xml_string);
$sablot_args    = array("arg1" => 2,
                        "arg2" => "three");

xslt_transform("file://$absolute_path_to_main_xslt", "arg:/xml_data", 
                "arg:/_result", $sablot_args, $sablot_buffers, $result);

print $result;

Note that using this syntax, the named result buffer "arg:/_result" must
be present.


Håvard Dahle
'We apologize for the inconvenience.'

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