ID: 12680
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old Summary: mail() is sent with incorrect timezone
Status: Open
Bug Type: Mail related
Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 SP6
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Here's the portion of the script that governs mail:

if (isset($mail_from) || isset($mail_cc)) {
  $mail_headers = "From: $mail_from\r\nReply-to: $mail_from\r\n";

  if (isset($mail_cc) && ($mail_cc != "")) {
    $mail_headers = $mail_headers . "Cc: $mail_cc\r\n";
else {
  $mail_headers = "";

if (isset($mail_to) && isset($mail_subject) && isset($mail_body) && 
isset($mail_headers) && ($submit == "Submit")) {

  mail($mail_to, $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mail_headers);

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-09 17:23:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I think I have a bug with the Win32 version of php.exe (perhaps the ISAPI version 
also?) where the SENT time on every email that goes out shows up as incorrect.  I've 
tried it several times, even with multiple versions (also tested 4.0.4pl1 and 4.0.5).  
No matter what I try, any email sent by php's mail() function is received with the 
wrong timezone (so mail time appears correct, but received from earlier time because 
of zone).

I am not using any addons for PHP.  I have IIS 4.0 using PHP in CGI mode, with the 
SMTP service loaded locally.  I am also running mySQL 3.23.37.

I can successfully telnet to port 25 on that server and send myself an email using 
SMTP commands.  I'll post my mail script shortly.

Any thoughts?


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