I'm not sure if this is the correct list to post this, but I was wondering
if someone
could lend a hand and point me in the right direction here?

For interest sake, last week, I successfully wrote/compiled/ran an extension
(a basic arc4 cipher implementation...yes I know there is already one but
like I said
it was in interest...)
Curiosity unsatisfied, I've gone on to further poking round in the php
source tree...
Today I thought I'd check out how include() is implemented...but I cant seem
to figure this one out...
I've gone up and down the tree, and found the most promising stuff in the
following files:

zend_compile.c (line 1965) zend_do_include_or_eval();
zend_execute.c (line 1975) (switch statement) case ZEND_INCLUDE_OR_EVAL

and several interesting entries in other files, but still nothing really

I probed a bit deeper and ended up looking at things like "HashTable
*function_tables" and decided
I didnt really know where I was going here... I figured I would save a bit
of time and 'brain strain'
and talk to someone who knows this stuff...

First, where is include() declared (so I can at least find the starting
point :), and is it
somehow built into the run-time compiler so that it's not quite as
straightforward as I thought...

Is anyone able to explain the principles behind all this, or at least point
in the right direction to start figuring this out?


Andrew McBeath

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