> >php_sablot.h has:
> >
> >typedef struct _php_sablot_globals {
> >     zval *errorHandler;
> >     php_sablot_error *errors;
> >     php_sablot_error errors_start;
> >     char *output_transform_file; /* For output transformations */
> >     int last_errno;              /* Global last_errno, if no handle is
> > found */
> >     SablotHandle processor;
> >} php_sablot_globals
> >
> >And now it won't build.
> It's a module interfacing with the engine.  If it used the
> BEGIN_MODULE_GLOBALS etc. macros, it'd build fine - I'll fix it.

This stuff is more the interface with the thread-safe resource manager.
These are not zend globals.  They are extension globals.

> Making a bad situation worse is simply not a good idea, that's why.  PHP
> extensions are really zend_module_entry's - the PHP macros are replicas of
> the engine macros, which is a bad situation.    Removing them was on my
> TODO list on low prio, but I took the few minutes to do that now.

I don't think this is a good trend.  More and more stuff is being pulled
into the engine.  We are losing the clean distinction here.


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