At 17:08 10-08-01, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > away.  An app built on a certain infrastructure is dependant on that
> > infrastructure, but not the other way around.
>     You wrongly assume that the API is equal to the
>     implementation.  PHP can use an API which is completely
>     independent of the Zend engine.

If I didn't know that the only thing that telling you the truth would be 
encouraging you, I'd say it.  But you're smart enough to figure out what I 
would have said yourself.

> > >However, if everyone on php-dev thinks the above look to a PHP extension
> > >is just fine, I'll stop bickering.
> >
> > I'm +1 on that :)
>     -1 here.

Bicker on then, bicker on.


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