ID: 12706
Updated by: jeroen
Status: Analyzed
Old Bug Type: *URL Functions
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 4.0.6
Old Assigned To: jeroen
Assigned To: 
New Comment:

After some thinking: This is expected behaviour! is a valid directory-name, and therefore it is a relative-path.

Try this in your browser with a <A HREF>, and you'll see that your browser 
interpretets it identically.

So this is not a bug. (In the manual, it should be clarified that also partial urls 
are accepted, and some examples?)

Changed to docbug.

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-12 18:11:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED] isn't a valid url. The docs say nothing about such a case, so it's 

Use var_dump on $url to see what happens, PHP thinks is the path. (both 
linux 403 & 407, and win32 404pl1)

A warning would be appropriate if the url is invalid, looking into that...


[2001-08-12 07:47:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It seems that parse_url returns an empty host when the scheme is missing:

$url = parse_url("";); print $url["host"];

-> outputs ""

$url = parse_url(""); print $url["host"];

-> outputs ""

I tried to reproduce the bug on windows2k, but there it worked just like it should. It 
could of course also be that I'm a complete idiot since I've only been using PHP for a 
few days, but the result seems to be persistant.


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