At 14:31 12-08-01, Thies C. Arntzen wrote:

>     guys,
>     it's really time to setup our "own" indent(1L) profile and
>     simply run everything in php4/ thru it. i'll spend some time
>     playing with it (while i'm on vacation) unless:
>     does anybody see a reason *not* to swicht to indent (manybe
>     even intergrated into out CVS) once we have a satisfying
>     settings for it?
>     please speak up now - i really don't want to waste my time on
>     it if somebody has a good technical reason why this (running
>     php-sources thru indent) won't work.

I think it can be a very good thing, even though it may get a bit tough, 
it's probably worth trying.
Things to watch for:
- We have to make a list of each and every last data type that is being 
defined or used in the php4 source tree.  It's going to be a bitch :)
- We need to see whether indent knows how to properly handle macros that 
create function prototypes, etc.  As we use macros extensively, if it can't 
handle them too well, it can probably rule it out.

I vaguely remember bumping into trouble with indent a couple of years ago 
(as you may know, we did use to have a 'make indent' configuration in the 
php3 days).  I don't remember if it was a dead end, or just something I 
didn't have the mental strength to deal with back then...


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