ID: 12699
Updated by: phildriscoll
Status: Critical
Bug Type: Directory function related
Operating System: Win32
PHP Version: 4.0CVS-2001-08-11
New Comment:

Just updating with a couple of comments that were emailed 
rather than going via the bug tracking system:

Sebastian replied to the last bug posting:
 This is odd. The same binaries still give me with my CD
 and DVD drives
  Warning: OpenDir: Invalid argument (errno 22)
  <?php echo $dh = opendir('g:/'); ?>

To which Michael Loftis replied:
 g:\ is the windows way....  That could be whats
 fudging it.
 Justa  wild guess.

And to which I now reply:

On NT and W2K G:/ is perfectly allright. Sebastian, what 
platform are you on (is it different from my NT4/IIS setup 
which seems to work ok?)

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-12 15:31:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

No, this shouldn't be the case here. The script worked fine until some 2-3 weeks ago.


[2001-08-12 15:20:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It's not a permissions problem is it?
I sometimes have troubles with the CD rom drive under win2k, admittedly not from 
PHP/IIS but it could be related?



[2001-08-12 15:03:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Just tested with the CVS binaries you sent me. It works 
fine accessing both my CD and DVD drives. If I echo out 
$dh, php prints
Resource id #1

For info, I'm running on NT4 SP6 under IIS, and my error 
reporting is set to E_ALL. I get the same results if I run 
from the command line.


[2001-08-12 14:34:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sorry Phil, I didn't read the 

    If you send me your php.exe and php4ts.dll buit 
    from CVS I'll test that here if it helps.

part of your message the first time.

I'm, really sorry! php.exe/php4ts.dll are on their way.


[2001-08-12 13:02:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Phil, I know that it worked fine with PHP 4.0.6. Have a look at the 'PHP Version' 
of this bug report. It says '4.0CVS-2001-08-11', which is yesterday's CVS version of 
PHP 4.0.7-dev.


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