ID: 12620
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Operating System: Windows NT 4 Server
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

PHP is still crashing in shutdown_memory_manager() although I've now found that if I 
compile PHP with ZEND_DISABLE_MEMORY_CACHE set to 1, the problems don't occur.

I'm still unable to provide a short section of code that reproduces the problem as 
doing something as simple as adding 

echo "hello"; 

to a page that crashes can stop it from crashing.  

If I remove a function that isn't even called it can sometimes stop crashing, other 
times it continues to crash no matter what you change, it seems quite random but if a 
page crashes it does it consistently.  It's just that changing them in the slightest 
way can seem to alter the behaviour significantly

Does anyone know anything that might cause the memory manager to fail like this, or 
even if compiling PHP with ZEND_DISABLE_MEMORY_CACHE 1 is a reasonable thing to do?

Previous Comments:

[2001-08-07 09:19:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've been using the v4.06 windows binaries from this site and have been suffering 
repeated crashes as PHP closes down.  

The crash is either reported as just in PHP and other times OLEMainThreadWndName is 
reported in the error.  It varies between write and read violations too.

I've traced through the code and have tracked it down to an access violation in the 
function shutdown_memory_manager().

Also when using the win32 debug build of PHP the error does not occur, only with the 
release version.

The app I'm working on has database connections and uses COM objects.  The error seems 
to be slightly related to the database side although I've not been able to produce a 
small section of code that causes the same error.  I'm using the ADODB wrapper for 
database access although the same error has occurred when using the built-in ODBC 

I can't see that I'm doing anything wrong but there's definitely something that PHP 
isn't liking.

Below is the main function I use to get results from a database, when all the code is 
commented out inside this function the error doesn't occur but a lot of other stuff in 
the app doesn't happen either so that doesn't say much really.  Is there anything 
blatantly wrong with the code below?

function GetDirectoryQueryResults($szSQL)
        $objConn = &ADONewConnection('ado');

        $objRS = &$objConn->Execute($szSQL);
        if (!$objRS->EOF) 
                $retval = &$objRS->GetRows();

        return $retval;



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