Full name: Robert J Sherman
ID:        robert j sherman
Purpose:   I would like to compile, or make available an \"expression builder\" file 
for HomeSite users.

The expression builder is a rather useful tool to HomeSite users, and provides (not 
only) a \"view\" of a function, or element, but also can provide \"popup\" data (such 
as variables) while the user is \"adding\" the function to their code.

In addition to this, I would like to assemble the manual for use (as \"built-in\") for 
HomeSite users.

Both of these will be quite simple to construct, and make publicly available, however 
depending on how you are maintaining the documentation, will ultimately depend on 
\"how long\" these things will take.

If the php manual and function references are \"databased\" then creating an 
expression vtm file will be a \"breeze\".. :)

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