On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 01:22:22AM -0400, Sterling Hughes wrote : 
>     As an issue for PHP 5 (or PHP 4.1 for that matter), perhaps we
>     should remove these functions and just stick with stat() and lstat()
>     calls?  This would remove a bunch of functions which aren't
>     really that necessary (I'm probably just being a minimalist, but I
>     figured I'd bring it up :)

Oh No! (Lemming style)

For all the 'is_()' functions I think we shouldn't remove them.
Its that what makes PHP. You read ne source and with one glance
you know whats going on. Sometimes reading PHP source is nothing
harder then reading english; I personally like this.

And, hey, internally they're all just calling to php_stat();
whats wrong with it ?

What is it you think we (you?) gain from the change (apart from
many end-users knowing you name well then :)

- Markus

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