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PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Documentation problem
Bug description:  What's new

I have a suggestion which could make the PHP documentation even easier to
use for the experienced PHP programmer.

As can easily observed, you guys keep up the documentation very quickly to
the new versions. One thing I miss though is a way of quickly finding out
where the *documentation* has changed from one PHP release to the next.
Maybe you could have a "New in x.y.z" and/or "Changed in x.y.z" section. I
guess that there would be a way of rather easily auto-creating those
indexes from the present documentation.

I'll give two examples to illustrate. From browsing the manual I found out
today that one is not encouraged to use "mysql_db_query" from 4.0.6.
Another example is the function "mysql_unbuffered_query", which I found out
about somewhere at

By quickly having an overview over new and changed information, PHP
programmers could more easily adopt their scripts to new versions.

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