Is there any reason to have them even exported?  I think we can just nuke 
SAPI_API altogether (I could be wrong, we might be referencing them 
somewhere, but I don't think we do)

At 17:58 15-08-01, Daniel Beulshausen wrote:
>currently if extensions want to define their own SAPI_POST_*_FUNC (fdf, 
>mbstring) they'll run into trouble, because they are defined as 'SAPI_API 
>void ... my_handler'. this however doesn't work, because you'll need to 
>define SAPI_EXPORTS (to export it) and are thus loosing the 
>sapi_globals_id (which must be imported).
>nuking SAPI_API from the macro, and using (SAPI_API || PHP_EXT_API) 
>SAPI_POST_*_FUNC would avoid this glitch.
>anyone objects?
>daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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