> ob_end_{clean,flush} will stop the output buffering and compression, but the
> header 'Content-Encoding: gzip' is already sent, at that point. Since we can't
> (to my knowledge, please correct me if this is the case) remove the header, the
> best we can do is replace it with the second header() parameter, which
> unfortunately doesn't do the job as far as the browsers are concerned.

But a second call to Header("Content-Encoding:") will replace the first
one.  If no content has gone out yet, overwriting a previous
Content-Encoding header is trivial.  I am not sure what you mean when you
say that this doesn't do the job for some browsers.  Do they not like a
blank content-encoding header?  It's not like you end up sending two
content-encoding headers.

We could add some sort of UnHeader() function which calls Apache's
ap_table_unset() function, but I am not sure if other SAPI backends have
support for this.


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