On Thursday 16 August 2001 10:32 am, Alexander Wirtz wrote:
> >Just built RC1 on SuSE7.2 with
> >./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/httpd/bin/apxs
> >--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-gmp=/usr/local/lib/gmp
> >
> >Built fine, works perfectly on all my code + Phorum +PHPMyAdmin.
> Could you please try to build it as cgi? My build failed, as you may see in
> previous mails, but I'd like to see, if there are others with the same
> problem.
Done - built with no problems.
Here's the output of make test:

Number of tests:   197
Tests skipped:      88 ( 45%)
Tests failed:       20 ( 18%)
Tests passed:       89 ( 82%)

and the fails are:

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//ext/standard/tests/file
File type functions (001.phpt)                                   ... failed

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//ext/standard/tests/math
Simple math tests (001.phpt)                                     ... failed 
Various pow() tests (pow.phpt)                                   ... failed

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//ext/standard/tests/time
microtime() function (001.phpt)                                  ... failed 
strtotime() function (002.phpt)                                  ... failed

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//pear/DB/tests
DB_Error/DB_Warning test (db_error.phpt)                         ... failed 
DB configurable error handler test (db_error2.phpt)              ... failed 
DB::factory test (db_factory.phpt)                               ... failed 
DB::isManip test (db_ismanip.phpt)                               ... failed 
DB::parseDSN test (db_parsedsn.phpt)                             ... failed

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//pear/XML/tests
XML Parser: parse simple string (001.phpt)                       ... failed 
XML Parser: parse from file (002.phpt)                           ... failed 
XML Parser: parse from file resource (003.phpt)                  ... failed 
XML Parser: error class (004.phpt)                               ... failed 
XML Parser: mixing character encodings (005.phpt)                ... failed 

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//pear/tests
PEAR constructor/destructor test (pear1.phpt)                    ... failed 
PEAR_Error test (pear_error.phpt)                                ... failed 
PEAR_Error in die mode (pear_error2.phpt)                        ... failed 
PEAR default error handling (pear_error3.phpt)                   ... failed

Running tests in /home/phil/php-4.0.7RC1//tests/lang
OO Bug Test (Bug #7515) (029.phpt)                               ... failed

Phil Driscoll

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