At 17:05 17-08-01, Cynic wrote:
>I'd do this:
>php.ini-standard       basically today's php.ini-dist
>php.ini-recommended    basically today's php.ini-optimized
>                        + the proposed security related changes
>                        what this is exactly I don't know. perhaps
>                        only register_globals off

This already exists today (except -standard is still called -dist, as 
there's no real reason to change it).  We may try to encourage people to 
read php.ini-recommended at the and of the build process, because I fear 
nobody's looking at it today.

>php.ini-standard       php.ini-recommended as contained in 4.0.7
>                        + anything else you think should be there
>                        (it can be more "strict" than 4.0.7's rec.)
>php.ini-compat         php.ini-standard as contained in 4.0.7

I'm not sure that we can just move to do -recommended version, 4.1.0 or 
not.  The nature of recommendations is that some people accept them, and 
some do not :)  None of the things in the php.ini-recommended file is a 
clear-cut must-have, and some people will prefer doing without them.  We'll 
have to think about each change separately.

Remember that we only use the version change to catch people's 
attention.  It doesn't mean that we can suddenly make PHP much more 
'hostile' :)

>And while I'm at it: can the Powers That Be consider switching the
>default setting for display_startup_errors to On in either of the
>ini files? I believe (my experience indicates it) that this would
>help to lower the confusion in some cases quite a bit: a message
>instead of just a 500 can change one's day.

There's a good reason for this default setting.  A clear message will not 
only change your day, but also the guy who's trying to hack your site's day 
:)  For example, with display_startup_errors set to on, a request can be 
easily made that will expose the full path of any scripts on your site.
It may make good sense to set it on in the -recommended version, as it's 
safe in conjunction with display_errors=0 and log_errors=1.


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