ZS>> This is one case in which there's no added value to E_NOTICE - in your
ZS>> example, you explicitly don't care whether the variable exists or
ZS>> not.  There are many cases in which there is an added value in
ZS>> E_NOTICE.  For example:

Agreed. But if we enable it by default, we may actually do a disservice
for the user - because the useful cases are lost in the swarm of the unuseful
ones. If we want to make them useful, some mechanism of weeding out the
"more useful" and burying the rest should be established. Otherwise user
just learns to ignore them (as people learned to ignore windows messages
and press OK at whatever thing happens).

ZS>> You can set any INI entries using ini_set() for a particular script.  I

I know. That's shaving with an axe - I can do it, but that's wrong thing
to do. User should not be encouraged to fiddle with ini_set unless it is
absolutely necessary.

ZS>> think adding new functions is messy - too many functions in PHP support
ZS>> opening URLs (because they're built on top of fopen-wrappers).

Well, maybe there is some middle-ground solution. I just see encouraging
of ini_set to be wrong. There should be a better way to do it.

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