ID: 12498
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: *Configuration Issues
Operating System: Windows 4.9xxxx (Me)
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Try putting the php.ini file into the same directory with
apache.exe as this works for me (on Win ME).


Previous Comments:

[2001-08-06 19:04:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi Jani,

As I stated in my report of the problem: 
[so I modified the php.ini in the windows dir to set magic_quotes_gpc to be off] 
as in c:\windows\php.ini ;-)

I am running Php as an apacheModule as in c:\apache\conf\httpd.conf :

#LoadModule usertrack_module modules/ApacheModuleUserTrack.dll
LoadModule php4_module c:/apache/php/sapi/php4apache.dll

And Yes! I have read the install.txt file, at least a hundred times or so. ;-)


[2001-08-06 07:33:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Are you running PHP in CGI mode? Or as apache module?
And have you read the install.txt file? It says where
you should put php.ini in your system.



[2001-07-31 22:35:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi I have installed 4.0.6 and have had no major problems it seems however That I can't 
change the config from the compiled in data, i.e. I have installed Ariadne, and it 
requires magic_guotes_gpc to be 'off' so I modified the php.ini in the windows dir to 
set magic_quotes_gpc to be off but then php crashes, and wont recognise any php 
script, as in 
'Warning: Failed opening '/apache/htdocs/phpinfo.php' for inclusion 
(include_path='.;c:\apache\php\includes;c:\apache\includes;c:\apache\htdocs') in 
Unknown on line 0'

any help would be appreciated as I need to run Ariadne locally during development.

n.b. if I remove php.ini from the windows dir, phpinfo.php runs (as does everything 
else Php wise) and phpinfo states that the php.ini file is in c:\winnt which of course 
it isn't???

Sincerely yours

George R Wood.


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